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Cooking Parties: A Great Way To Get Everybody Involved

With a little planning, a cooking party can make a meal more of an event than a chore. The first thing you will want to do is plan the menu. Have everybody who will be involved with the cooking party come up with a list of foods they like. Then create a menu with items chosen from each person's list. Kids will enjoy adding some artwork to the menu. Set a specific date for the cooking party and post the menu for the event on the refrigerator or another noticeable place.

Don't just focus on the main meal. Obviously, having everybody make a list of foods they like will have to result in compromise. A good way to do this is to take items that don't fit in with the planned meal and make those into appetizers or snacks. This way everybody feels included. Once the menu has been set, it's time to start gathering the food for the big day. Get a count of how many people will be involved with the cooking party. Make sure there is enough space for everybody in the kitchen.

If the kitchen area isn't big enough, do some of the prep in the dining room. If other people from outside of the immediate family will be involved, a nice touch is to send out invitations for your cooking party if other friends and family members will be involved. An easy way to plan a neighborhood cooking party is to send invitations via email so that the menu and list of ingredients can be included.

Throw A Cooking Party Your Guests Will Never Forget!

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Remember to adjust the recipes so enough is made for all guests or have more than one person make the same thing if it's going to be a popular dish. If neighbors will be involved, take any special dietary concerns into account when planning the menu. Another way to handle the ingredients is to split the list of ingredients up between guests. If it's going to be a family cooking party it'll be easier for one person to get all the ingredients. Make sure there are foods on the menu that kids can easily make.

Items that require a spoon and bowl tend to be easiest for kids. Older kids can help with preparation of dishes involving more effort. If there will be several kids at the cooking party it would be a good idea to set up a specific area where kids can work without being in the way of the oven, knives and other potential culinary hazards. Divide the kitchen into separate working areas. You will want to have all ingredients out and areas set up for hot dishes, cold dishes, deserts, etc. Make sure to clear clutter from counters as preparations finish for each item. Another fun idea is to hand out prizes for things like "First Person to Drop Something," "Best Cooking Hat," "Best Cooking Joke," etc. A cooking party is a great way to get everybody involved and enjoy a delicious meal and have a little fun at the same time.