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Popular cooking class styles are varied depending on the person taking the class. Le Cordon Bleu, Japanese, Chinese, Gourmet Cuisine, BBQ, Southern, Cajun and Thai are just an example of the many cooking types available. Some classes are online with exact instructions that can be followed by the individual student or even a beginner with minimal experience.

For hands on experience a class at a local college or cooking institute is the best option. Attending a cooking class locally will help the student to find others that are interested in this style of cooking. Most classes are taught by chefs that are known locally or by famous chefs that specialize in the type of cooking being taught. The individual student can decide on a specific style and also take more than one class. Many students will take more than one class. Once the student realizes how thorough the classes are he will want to try other styles. Individuals may also decide to take classes to become a chef in the job market.

The most popular cooking class for couples is the date night Couples class. Everything is brought into the home and the chef or teacher helps the couple to cook and learn at the same time. The teaching style is relaxed and everyone has a good time. The couples are then able to cook their own special dish. Couples have the option of studying the same styles that were mentioned earlier. If a couple class is not available, they can simply take the individual class together.

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Beginners just learning to cook can take simplified courses to learn basic cooking skills. Children today make up the most popular beginner classes. Adult beginner classes slowly advance till the student can advance to whichever style he chooses. Cooking parties are another great way to learn about cooking. These parties can take place at home or in a rented kitchen. The customer decides on the theme and helps plan the menu. The customer can decide to have a private cooking class for the guests. The other option is not to lift a finger, just have the chef or caterer do everything from set-up to clean up.

Another option for those wanting to learn how to cook is a cooking camp. Cooking camps can run from 2-5 days depending on the style being taught or highlighted. Cooking camps are offered for everyone from children to grownups. Camps are offered for couples, individuals and families. It is fun to see top chefs at these camps teaching over campfires. Of course, there are camps that do not include campfires but have fully completed industrial kitchens. The many styles offered ensure that everyone has a chance to learn to cook. Deciding on a particular style may not be easy. The hands on experience will help many to enjoy food in a whole new way. Cooking can be fun and easy. Just take a class to find out how much fun there is in cooking. You may be surprised at what you can do.