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Italian Cooking Classes - More than Just Pizza and Pasta

When people think of preparing an elegant, tasty meal that will bring the family and friends together, it’s easy to picture bowls of pasta and different kinds of sauce all around the table with a bottle of red wine. There are few things better than an authentic Italian meal complete with that bottle of vino. Most people feel that in order to experience that authenticity they have to find an expensive Italian restaurant and pay an arm and a leg for the meal but the truth is anyone can prepare these authentic meals. Average people can learn to prepare a delicious ravioli or tortellini dish and top it of with a scrumptious gelato or tiramisu for dessert.

There are various culinary classes that can turn anyone into an expert at preparing authentic Italian food. Not only will these classes give you the know how to prepare these meals but they will delve deeper into the history of Italian cuisine. They will take you on a journey through Italy and introduce you to the different regions and the different recipes that originate from those regions. Most of these classes can introduce you to several techniques used to prepare these unique regional dishes.

Italian cooking classes can teach the students about how Italian cuisine is strictly related to the availability and the quality of the raw materials, as well as regional Italian products. As you prepare these dishes you will become familiar with different crops and climate that make each regional dish so distinctive.

Learn the Secrets Behind Fantastic Italian Cooking With a Cooking Class!

Italian Cooking Class Minneapolis MN

These classes will also teach you that there really is no “Italian food,” but rather Italy is made up of many distinct cuisines from many different regions. There are 20 regions in Italy and each boasts a uniqueness when it comes to their food. Each region has its specialty dishes. You could learn to make the Tuscan Ribollita Soup containing the region’s salt less bread, prized beans, and hearty cavolo nero (literally translated, black cabbage--in fact it is Lacinato kale) or you could move to Lazio and prepare Spaghetti in Spicy Amatriciana Sauce. You could follow this up with a Lemon Sorbet over Strawberries from Sicily. Along with all of these delicious dishes you can learn about the importance of wine with the Italian cuisine.

There are so many dishes to choose from and there is a taste for everyone. There is much more to Italian cuisine than just pasta and garlic bread. There are classes offered here in the U.S. or you can actually travel to Italy and learn the art right from the region that it was born. You can find one of these schools near you and begin to learn from a real Italian chef and who knows maybe someday you'll be teaching these techniques to someone else. These classes are available to any and everyone. Make sure to look around for an Italian Cooking Class near you and be prepared to enjoy some of these delicious dishes in your own kitchen.